Carbon composite combines low weight with high strength and stiffness, but is highly impact sensitive. Feather’s carbon composite materials are strengthened by fine steel fibers, hereby retaining the existing favorable material properties without increase in weight. Small amounts of specifically developed steel fibers applied on specific locations in the material, drastically increase the impact resistance and thus the safety and reliability for cyclists.


Feather challenges existing manual, labor-intensive processes. A new automated production process developed by REIN4CED handles the Feather material in a precise manner and with high quality and produces parts with consistent properties.

REIN4CED, the company behind the Feather technology, is a Belgian engineering and manufacturing company with extensive expertise in composite material development and production automation.

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Diependaalweg 4A | 3020 Winksele, Belgium | info@rein4ced.com | Tel: +32 16 14 08 20

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