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Accell Group shifts to automated production of carbon fiber bicycle frames in Belgium

Collaboration with Leuven based innovator REIN4CED

January 16th 2020 – Today Accell Group and REIN4CED announced their collaboration on the automated production of high-end carbon fiber bicycle frames for Accell. Mid 2020 the first hardtail mountain bikes with the new technology for Accell’s brand Ghost will be available in Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Czech. REIN4CED set up a brand new automated manufacturing facility in Belgium. With the production shift from Asia to Belgium, Accell benefits from significant logistic and sustainability advantages as well as increased supply chain flexibility and efficiency. Local manufacturing in Europe drastically reduces overseas shipments and storage, resulting in a positive contribution to CO2 emission, faster deliveries and cost savings.

CEO Accell Group Ton Anbeek: "This collaboration matches Accell Group’s global innovation strategy and ambition to increase sustainability in its products. With enhanced durability and safety through local production and maximum performance for our cyclists with the new FEATHER technology. In two words: this innovation is smart and green".

CEO REIN4CED Michaël Callens: "Accell Group is a world leader and pioneer in the bicycle industry and we are proud to work together. REIN4CED developed a new, automated production line for hybrid composite bicycle frames in its production facility in Leuven, Belgium, with an annual production capacity of up to 20.000 frames. Accell and its consumers will benefit from our product as the new FEATHER composite material offers extreme impact resistance. Our hybrid carbon-and-steel fiber composite will deliver the confidence that cyclists deserve in high-end composite bicycle frames. The FEATHER material combines the stiffness and lightweight characteristics of carbon with the toughness of steel".



FEATHER is a new composite material technology offering extreme impact resistance, which is a revolution in the composites arena. Bicycle frames with FEATHER technology inside increase safety and reliability beyond what is out there today. Adding a dash of steel eliminates the sudden, brittle fracture behavior that numerous cyclists fear. REIN4CED will supply FEATHER frames to leading cycling brands starting mid 2020. FEATHER also attracts interest of automotive and aerospace markets, which require parts and assemblies with consistent material properties including impact resistance.

About Accell Group

Accell Group is the European market leader in e-bikes and the European number two player in bicycle parts and accessories. Accell Group focuses on the mid-range and higher segments of the market for bicycles and bicycle parts and accessories Our bicycles and related products are sold to dealers and consumers in more than 80 countries worldwide. Well-known bicycle brands in our portfolio include Batavus, Sparta, Koga, Ghost, Haibike, Lapierre, Babboe, Raleigh and Winora. XLC is our brand for bicycle parts and accessories. Accell Group employs approximately 3,300 people across 18 countries. In 2018, we sold around 1.1 million bicycles and recorded a turnover of over € 1 billion.

For more information:

Debbie de Wagenaar, Director Communications, tel: +31 (0)612836103


REIN4CED is a Belgian innovative manufacturing company. In its production facility in Leuven, REIN4CED has an annual production capacity of up to 20.000 frames for manufacturing of impact-resistant and lightweight bicycle frames for brands wishing to offer their cyclists maximum performance with enhanced safety and durability. The new breed of carbon fiber bikes are produced on an automated line using thermoplastic composites and REIN4CED's proprietary, impact-resistant “FEATHER” material. REIN4CED allows commercial carbon frame production in Europe for the first time, introducing significant logistic advantages and increased supply chain flexibility and efficiency. Innovation is at the core of REIN4CED, as illustrated by receiving Deloitte's Most Disruptive Innovator award and the Sportech Innovation award. The REIN4CED team of twenty professionals, led by Michaël Callens (CEO), Niels De Greef (COO), Dave Luyckx (CPO), is highly specialized and experienced in composite materials, manufacturing technologies, and diverse industries including cycling, industrial, automotive and aerospace.

Michaël Callens, CEO & Co-founder, tel: +32 16 14 08 21 – Email:

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