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Apart from targeting the cycling industry through the Feather brand, REIN4CED may additionally become involved in other markets. The impact resistance of Feather is key in this regard. After a smash or fall, the damage remains visible and the innovative material maintains its structural integrity. These advantages are also much desired in other markets where composites are used, such as aerospace and automotive.


More extensive use of composites in aerospace further lowers aircraft or spacecraft weight. This reduces fuel consumption and ecological footprint. Feather could be beneficial in a range of impact scenarios for fuselage structures: bird impact, hail, tool drop, area debris, tyre shrapnel, engine fragments, etc. As Feather absorbs a huge amount of energy upon impact, it increases the damage tolerance. In case there is damage, at least it is visible. This means easier, faster and more affordable traceability, which reduces aircraft downtime.


Weight reduction is also a driver in automotive markets. Outer vehicle structures potentially facing impact could benefit from Feather. This may represent up to five percent of every car. In this way, Feather fits in the evolution toward increasingly multi-material vehicle developments entailing new connection and glueing technologies.

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